Tuesday, 13 January 2015

#TFL London #BusStrike advice

I give you some basic advice during the Bus Strike.

If you like to know what bus route is running on your bus stop or to see how many buses are running on your route. I recommend you to use London Vehicle Finder which I reviewed.

You can use London Vehicle Finder on your smartphone, then enter in the route number and press go.

For example, Route 148, you see there are 13 buses operating on the route according to the screenshot.

You see how many buses there are on your bus route.

If you want to see the buses running at your bus stop, You can by simply typing down the bus stop code where your located and press go.

For example, I am at Bedford Street at Strand travelling towards Trafalgar Square, I find the bus stop code above the bus stop panel. Once I entered in the bus stop code onto London Vehicle Finder, it shows when the next bus is arriving at the stop. But don't get too confused with the fleet number and registration, just look at the due and route column.

I may not be perfect at giving advice but at least I am trying to help you to know which bus is running during the bus strike day.

London Vehicle Finder is generally used by Bus Enthusiasts, but I am sharing the website in order to help out commuters during the Bus strike day.

Link to London Vehicle Finder - https://londonvf.co.uk/

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