Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Delays to route 253 conversion to New Routemasters

News update from LOTS:

1) A considerable number of new buses are delivered but not yet running, most awaiting fitment of Oyster readers and/or ticket machine equipment.  As well as LTs at Arriva for the 253, some LTs for Metroline route 189 and at least 16 VWHs for Harrow Weald are all in store.  Numerous new MHVs for Go-Ahead and now some new WHVs have joined them.  However, two of Catford’s three new E40Ds (10348-50) and a few more BYD/ADL electrics have entered service in the past week. 

2) Arriva’s new StreetLites (batch SLS 1-22) for Arriva route 450 at Norwood have been flooding in and two entered service on the 23rd, ahead of the contract date (when the pvr increases) of 1st October. They are a 9.75m DF (Door Forward) version, the first of this variant to be built (hitherto all StreetLites less than 10.2m had been WF (wheel forward). They will replace the entire batch of DWS class 9.4m DAF SB120/Cadets.

3) Other happenings from 1st October include the double-decking of routes 42 and D8.  The 42 is extended from Sunray Avenue to East Dulwich, the D8 swops routeings between Poplar and Stratford with the 108. The 108 is due to gain more MEC class Citaros released from the 507/521.  The little local route 346 at Upminster passes from Arriva to Go-Ahead. Contract renewals on Go-Ahead routes 1, 180 and 185 *should* result in the entry into service of some of the new buses (MHV/WHV) currently being delivered.

If you type in 253 on London Vehicle Finder, you will only see couple of New Routemasters running.

Route 253 runs from Euston Station to Hackney Central station via Finsbury Park station, one of the unusual routes to convert to the 3 door 2 staircase hybrid buses.

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