Sunday, 4 December 2016

Hybrids for London Bus route 120

New classic Enviro200 with 'New Routemaster' style interior from Enviro400H City
A quick news update – here are the new London Bus tender awards:

LBSL intends to enter into new contracts for the following routes with the operators listed below:

Route 70 awarded to Tower Transit, (currently London United) with 19 Single deck (details TBC)
Route 120 awarded to London United (currently Metroline) with 17 New Euro VI hybrid double deck
Route C1 re-awarded to London United with15 Single deck (details TBC)
Route R68 re-awarded to Abellio West London with 10 New Euro VI diesel single deck
Route R70 re-awarded to Abellio West London with 11 New Euro VI diesel single deck

Contracts will commence on the following dates:

24th June 2017: Routes 70, 120, R68 & R70.
1st July 2017: Route C1.

Also, here is the latest London Bus news from LOTS:

This weekend sees the 152, 157 and 413 change operator. To get T-class E400s for the 157 at Norwood, part of the 133 was equipped with DWs moved from Brixton, those in turn replaced at BN by HVs from Stamford Hill. This has the effect of making Brixton an all-hybrid garage with HVs on 50 and 319, LTs on 59 and 137.

Existing type change programmes at London General and Metroline continue and should be completed during December. Putney’s first (of 39) new E400MMCs (EH 74) entered service in the past week and that process will also continue during the month.  A lot of Volvo B7TLs are being replaced at both operators, although a few from Peckham are in the process of transferring to route 180, in turn to replace the rest of the former East Thames Buses VWLs.

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CT Plus 1232, YX66WGF - Route W19 Photo by LondonTransport3

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