Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Bus and Light Rail videos - February 2017

To round this month off, I will show you my videos which feature London Buses, Tramlink, and Docklands Light Railway services.

Buses and Trams outside East Croydon station
Tramlink Route 2 - East Croydon to West Croydon Variobahn 2556

Buses and Trams at West Croydon

Tramlink Route 3 - West Croydon to Sandilands Bombardier CR4000 2532

Docklands Light Railway - Lewisham to Canary Wharf

DLR trains at Canary Wharf station - February 2017

Buses in Canary Wharf - February 2017

Personally, I really think we need more light rail services because they tend to make journeys quicker than a bus. Also, they emit zero emissions as they rely on the electric current from the overhead wire or the third rail…… and most importantly of all – to cut pollution and help combat climate change.

Bonus videos:

Railway trains at New Cross Gate station

Also featuring Class 700.
Class 465 Networker trains at Lewisham station

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