Sunday, 12 March 2017

Mid March 2017 London Bus Tender Awards with New Euro VI hybrid buses!

As we approach the middle of March 2017, we see new contracts being awarded for London Bus Services as part of the new tender awards.

Contract awards: LBSL intends to enter into new contracts for the following routes with the operators listed below:

Current Operator
New Operator
London Central
Abellio London
New Euro VI hybrid double deck
New Euro VI hybrid double deck
176 (24h)
Arriva London South
London Central
New Euro VI hybrid double deck
188 (24h)
Abellio London
London Central
New Euro VI hybrid double deck
222 (24h)
London United
Metroline West
New Euro VI hybrid double deck
243 (24h)
Arriva London North
Arriva London North
New Euro VI hybrid double deck

Contracts will commence on the following dates:

19th August 2017: Route 243.
2nd September 2017: Route 90.
16th September 2017: Route 222.
11th November 2017: Routes 45, 176 & 188.

I’m glad the new tender contracts require bus companies to purchase the new Euro VI Hybrid double deck buses. Compared to the previous tenders where bus companies prefered  to use their existing Euro V diesel buses! In order to help combat climate change and harmful diesel emissions, TfL needs to require operators to use low emission hybrids or zero emission hydrogen or battery-electric buses for their contracted routes. You can view previous articles on route tenders here.

Since TfL won’t be purchasing any more ‘three-door, two-staircase’ hybrid New Routemaster buses, it will be interesting to see if the bus operators are going to purchase hybrid buses which use the New Routemaster design cues like the Alexander Dennis Enviro400H City or the Wright SRM.

To finish off, we have an update from LOTS:

In the past week, the first four HVs from Arriva have began service on route 2 from Norwood.  Already, several new HVs have gone into service on the 242 (CT) and 243 (AR), the latter only temporarily. Three MVs from Tower Transit at Westbourne Park and due for route 13 on 1st  April have been used on the 23 in the past week.  A few more Stagecoach E200s from Catford and Rainham have moved to Barking for temporary use on the 167and 362 until new E20Ds are delivered.

A very gradual conversion of Stagecoach route 277 at Bow from Scania to new E40H(MMC) continues, releasing more Scanias to West Ham for route 97.

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  1. I wouldn't be surprised to see the new 188 contract feature Enviro 400H buses whether they're the MMC or the 400H City. The current buses on the 188 could head off to make the 172, 343 and 381 routes fully hybrid.

    I'm interested to see what Abellio will go with on the 45. I'm confident Arriva North with stick with Geminis on the 243. That route already has quite a few B5LH Gemini 2s and 3s. I know the 3s are temporary but the Gemini 2s originally from the 253 are here to stay on the 67/243. I've even seen a couple of HVs on the 341 in recent weeks.


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