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Consultation for proposed bus service changes in West, South-East and North-East London

TfL has started a consultation to change bus services for the parts of Greater London which serve the new Crossrail Elizabeth Line.

From TfL Consultations

The opening of the Elizabeth line from 2018 will further transform how people move about in London. The line will provide a key east-west link across London and beyond. Many people in inner and outer London will use a bus to get to the new service. We need to ensure that people can access the stations by bus.

The Elizabeth line will make travelling across London much easier. This means bus passenge trips and demand will be different in the future as people make their way to different stations or use the train instead. We’ve looked at how buses might serve stations in West, South East and North East London:

West London

Central Ealing routes 112, 427, E1 and E10

Hayes, Heathrow and West Drayton routes 140, 223, 278, 697, 698, and X140

Southall routes 95, 120, E5 & H32 (and 427)

Acton routes 218, 266, 306, 391 and 440

South East London

Woolwich and Abbey Wood routes 129, 161, 178, 180, 244, 291, 301, 469, 472 and B11

North East London

Royal Docks/Custom House routes 104, 241, 300, 304, 330 and 474

Harold Wood Romford routes 497, 174 and 256

Inner North East London routes 25 and 115

Our proposals range in scale depending on the route to help us better match future demand with resources. We welcome your views on any or all of the details as set out on the following pages:

Details of West London bus changes

Details of South East London bus changes

Details of North East London bus changes

If you would like to look at the full background to the review of bus service please read the document below:

Changes to suburban bus services to support the Elizabeth Line - Technical Note (PDF)

How will passengers be affected?

We know that each of our proposals will impact on some passengers. Many will gain new opportunities for direct connections not previously available, while others may have to change bus to complete their journey. The new Hopper fare means there is no longer a financial penalty for changing onto a second bus within an hour.

We measure these passenger journeys by looking at trip patterns from Oyster card information alongside other data. The information is used to determine demands and better understand travel habits.

When would these changes start?

We will review and use the information received through this consultation to inform our decision making and next steps. We may decide to adapt our proposals in light of comments received or we may decide to go ahead as proposed. However, if we significantly revise our proposals we will run a new consultation to outline them.

If we proceed with the changes as proposed here they would be introduced over the next few years, generally in line with the opening of each section of the Elizabeth line.

Have your say

We would like to know what you think about our proposed changes to buses in West, South-East and East London.

Please give us your views by completing the online survey below by Sunday 17 September 2017.

You can take part in the survey here

Let’s look at the details of the new proposed express route which is the X140:

New route X140

This new route would be introduced as a limited stop service between Heathrow Airport and Harrow bus station. It would follow the existing alignment of route 140 with the exceptions of running direct (northbound) from Heathrow Vehicle Tunnel to Bath Road and direct between South Harrow and Harrow bus station. It would stop at Harrow Bus Station, South Harrow station, Northolt Park station, Northolt station, Yeading White Hart, Yeading Willow Tree Lane, Hayes (The Grapes), Hayes town centre, Hayes & Harlington station, Harlington Village, Harlington Corner and Heathrow Airport, Central bus station. It would run every 12 minutes during Monday to Saturday daytimes and every 15 minutes during Sundays and all evenings.

Currently there are three London Bus express routes which are the X26, X68 and 607.

As the Crossrail Elizabeth Line kicks in, it will ease the pressure on London Bus route 25 as well as the Central Line.

I reported on the consultation so that readers are aware of it and also to let everyone know how they can take part in the survey and express their opinions on changes to the bus service.

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