Sunday, 20 July 2014

Video: Ride via the rural roads to Lakeside (on Route 370)

On the Wednesday 16th July, I have embarked on the journey to Lakeside to see the non TFL bus services at the Bus Station. I have video recorded routes 370 and 372 respectively to show the rural countryside of Essex. 

Route 370

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 I went on a route 370 (A former London Country route and privatised route, now currently under TFL tendering) where the route goes via Ockendon which uses the rural roads which you see the countryside of Essex. It travels past the M25 bridge and it takes me to North Ockendon which is still part of Havering. Then the route travels south towards South Ockendon which is part of Turrock Council where you meet with non-TFL bus services.

Route 372

Link to video on Dailymotion
Link to video on YouTube

Then I embarked on a return journey by taking the route 372 bus, I sat on the front seats and filmed the front view of the bus. The route goes to Hornchurch via Aveley and Rainham where it uses the rural roads instead of the dual carriageway A13.
You like to see double deck red buses in Rural roads of England and you have got it.

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