Thursday, 28 August 2014

BBC London Online Commuter game found on

I remember playing the Commuter game on the BBC London site 10 years ago. This is one of my favourite online games that I remembered playing till it got taken down somewhere in 2008 (according to But thankfully has saved an archive of the game as well as the webpage so you can play the online game over again.

Screenshot of the webpage from 2003

The objective of the game is simple; you need to get all five commuters across the road safely without being hit by traffic. When all or some of the commuters crossed the road safely then you proceed into the next level where you jump over London Underground Tube Trains to the platform at the other end. Then when you jump onto the platform you can pick any station in order to finish the game.
The game is based from Frogger which was developed by Konami, a classic frog game where you cross the road to the other side, and then you jump on the logs to the other side of the shore of the river.
So here is the link to the Commuter game where its saved all thanks to

You may need to have Adobe Shockwave installed on your computer in order for the game to work.

I think someone should develop a similar game for Smartphones with more levels, that how it would make the game popular. But at least I revived the game which I found on the internet.

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