Sunday, 23 November 2014

Hovercrafts for London River Services?

Short Lived London Regional Transport Logo

In 1984, the British government brought in the London Regional Transport Act 1984. I was scanning through the pages of the Act, over on and I stumbled upon the ‘Operating Powers of London Regional Transport’ page.

In paragraph one of the ‘carriage and storage’ section, it states that London Regional Transport can operate in any form of transport from land and water, which also includes 'hovercrafts'.

If you don’t believe me, here is the relevant text:

·London Regional Transport may carry passengers by any form of land or water transport (including in either case hovercraft) within, to or from Greater London.

You can read the text in full, here:

Some people will find it humorous that London Regional Transport have a right to operate hovercraft  in London on the River Thames. It’s only mentioned briefly in the legislation and in reality LRT never had plans to roll out hovercraft services. What TfL have though is a division called ‘London River Services’ which began operating in 1999, with the idea being to boost passenger transport services on the River Thames. Currently they are operated by private companies, so the fares may differ somewhat between each operator. What you do get though are discounts with your Oyster or paper Travelcard for the river services.
More information can be found on this link.

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If anyone is interested in the legislation in its entirety, then the link is here

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