Sunday, 8 February 2015

Video: Buses, Trucks and traffic at Romford, North Street Roundabout

On 29th January 2015, I have captured footage of the traffic at North Street Roundabout in Romford, Essex Greater London.

So there is nothing much to say but to show you the video.

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Also here is another video.


  1. Impossible! Romford is in London, not Essex.

    1. But still many residents in those areas still put their old county on their addresses.

      And also there are a few National Railway stations that are inside Greater London and Oyster zones. They have added the old county next to their name because there are stations with the same or a similar name.

      Hayes (Kent)
      Rainham (Essex)
      Sutton (Surrey)

  2. Well spotted, many locals consider Romford to be part of Essex. But in reality its part of Greater London where their town is ruled by London Borough of Havering. Essex is still used as a 'Post town' when you send or receive mail in Romford.

    1. The Post town for Romford is Romford. There is no mention of Essex when you look up a Romford address on Royal Mail's address or postcode finder.


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