Sunday, 1 February 2015

Video: London Bus stop real time Countdown system

This video demonstrates the real time countdown system at selected bus stops in London.
There are 2,500 bus stops which use the countdown system which provides reliable times showing passengers how long they have to wait until their bus turns up.

The countdown system uses the feeds from the iBus which in turn uses GPS tracking to find the location of the bus and calculate how long before the bus arrives at your bus stop.

You can also access the live countdown on your Smartphone by visiting the TFL website and entering your bus stop code. It's extremely useful when you’re waiting for a bus and it encourages more users to take the bus instead of just relying on timetables.

With various systems outside London the local authorities use timetables provided by Traveline, but sometimes they provide the live arrival times, depending on the deregulated bus operator.

Live bus feeds are available from the TFL data website, and also on Traveline (outside London) for users that want to create their own apps for smartphones. The TFL data is also innovated by enthusiasts for enthusiasts to track down individual buses by their number plate and fleet number which is called London Vehicle Finder.

The video demonstrates how the countdown system works for London Transport Bus services.

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