Sunday, 15 March 2015

Happy 10th Birthday Dailymotion

Yes this is where my videos are hosted.

Dailymotion was first founded on 15th March 2005 by Benjamin Bejbaum and Olivier Poitrey from the living room of Poitrey's apartment in France.
The six individuals involved, pooled together €6,000 to start their video sharing website.  Dailymotion offered users simple functionalities such as video upload from file or webcam. Their video player uses flash and has a browsing system sorted by channels, user-created groups and tags.
Then in 2006 the website added more functions such as allowing users to follow and recommend video's to other users, subscribe to channels and add friends in a similar fashion to a social media website. They also optimised the sharing options so that users could embed their video and host it on their website or blogs. Another feature which was added was 'statistics', which allows users to see which of their video's are popular.
Then in 2008 their website launched in several other languages and the content was localised by countries. They also provided High Definition (720p) upload capability so that users could upload their video's in 720p.
On 25th January 2011, Orange acquired a 49% stake in Dailymotion for €62 million, then brought the remaining 51% stake for €61 million on 10th January 2013. Around May 2013, the French Government blocked Yahoo’s acquisition of a majority stake in Dailymotion, so their current owner is 'Orange' a French multinational telecommunications corporation.
Unlike their competitor YouTube, which is blocked in the People's Republic of China, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), Tajikistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Syria, Sudan and South Sudan, Dailymotion can be viewed in most countries, although it was blocked a couple times in India and Kazakhstan. So people who live in countries where YouTube has been blocked will still be able to view my videos by using Dailymotion instead.
I invite you bus, rail and transport enthusiasts over to Dailymotion and urge you to upload your own content on this platform which is also a more European based website.  Dailymotion has a lack of transport video's in London so let's see if we can change that, together. You can use your own Facebook or Google Plus account to sign up with Dailymotion.
With the magnificent service they provide, I am very proud to be a partner of Dailymotion. That is why I use is as my main source for uploading my video's to share on my website, Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest.
Note: To my 200 plus YouTube subscribers, don’t worry, I will still be uploading my video's there too.
Dailymotion have 128 million monthly unique visitors on their website. Nearly 300 million people have seen a video via its video player monthly, and they receive over 2.5 billion video views every month. Dailymotion is one of the biggest video platforms and it is the most popular European website.
You can also view the website from April 2005 via the website.
Joyeux Anniversaire Dailymotion et merci
(Happy Birthday Dailymotion and thank you)

Don’t forget, you can view my video's on Dailymotion at:
My Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google Plus is:
Here is couple of my videos which I host on my Dailymotion account. 


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