Sunday, 24 May 2015

Proposed changes and cuts for bus services in Surrey

Surrey County Council is proposing cuts and alterations for bus services in order for the council to save £2 million in bus subsidies.
“Surrey County Council ran a public consultation from 8 October 2014 to 2 February this year, as part of its review of local transport services. Over 6,800 Surrey residents and stakeholders told us
about the local transport services that matter most to them. This feedback has been vital in ensuring residents will continue to have the services they rely on to get to work, hospitals, schools and essential shopping, while also enabling the council to achieve the £2m saving needed from the review.
We have worked with bus operators to negotiate better contracts that will give the council better value for money. However, to make the required savings needed from the review, we are now proposing some changes to local bus services in the West and East of Surrey. To find out more please click on this link: Proposed Changes To Local Bus Services which includes details of the changes to the frequency, days of operation and route of some services. The following bus services are those that we are proposing to change.”
List of Routes affected:
Bus Services in West Surrey
Abellio: 400, 438, 446, 451, 458, 459, 513, 514, 515, 555, 557, 564, 566/567, 590
Arriva: 34/35, 48, 91, 436, 437
Carlone Buses: 592
Bus Services in East Surrey
Metrobus: 22, 409, 526/527, 540
Southdown PSV: 357, 424
If the bus service that you use is not listed above, no changes are proposed this year. However we are planning to review more local transport services over the coming two years.
More information on bus service changes in Surrey can be seen here.
The consultation closes on 8th June 2015, so don’t forget to participate if you’re a bus user from Surrey.
Also, you can see more cuts to bus services from local authorities where the campaign group ‘Better Transport’ have published a map about it. Link
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