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Ensignbus route X80 Lakeside to Bluewater

taken from their leaflet cover

Route X80 is operated by Ensignbus, the route starts at Chafford Hundred railway station and goes via Lakeside Bus Station, Tesco Lakeside (starts from 2nd November 2015) then it goes via the Dartford Crossing over the river Thames and Dartford Galleon Boulevard, Greenhithe Railway Station with the route finally ending at Bluewater Shopping Centre.

Ensignbus has a specific webpage dedicated to route X80 and you can view their maps, timetables and fares here.

Here is the route map taken from their page.

You can also view the map from Traveline.

The timetable of Route X80 can also be viewed on Traveline and the London Bus Routes website. The frequency of the route is every 60 minutes and it runs during weekdays and Saturdays. They do not operate a Sunday service.

I like how Ensignbus say that they do not accept any Transport for London ticketing such as Travelcards, Oyster Cards or London Bus passes. They also say that the Dartford Crossing may be subject to delays and disruption and they do not accept any liability due to it being out of their control.

Here is the video.

Route X80 (Chafford Hundred/Lakeside to Bluewater)
Operated by Ensignbus from Purfleet (PT) Depot
Alexander Dennis Enviro200
Registration: MX62ARF
Fleet Number: 715
Filmed on 1st October 2015

My journey is going south over the Dartford Crossing which uses the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge (Known as QE2 bridge). We can also see the transformation of Dartford Crossing as the toll booths have been removed, they do however use number plate readers instead. Also you may hear that Ensignbus have a ‘CB radio’ system allowing the drivers to communicate with the bus controller.

I do think the service deserves more exposure and at least my article is doing that as many people don’t realise there is a bus service which uses the Dartford Crossing.

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