Friday, 22 July 2016

2016 London Tour bus prices

As we are now in the summer, I've published the chart below showing you the 2016 update of the comparison of the Tour bus companies operating in London.

Big Bus Tour
City Sightseeing/The Original Tour
City Tour London
London Transport Bus services
Online Prices
All 24 hour ticket
City Sightseeing prices
Adult £30.00
Child £15.00

The Original Tour prices
Adult £30.00
Online £26.00
Child £15.00
Online £12.50
Family £90.00
Online £75.00
All 24 hour ticket
Adult £25.50
Child £12.00
Family £66.50
All 24 hour ticket
£19.00 for One day ticket
Oyster Pay as you go and/or contactless bank card single fare £1.50*
Daily Price cap  (for buses only)  £4.50
One Day Bus Pass £5.00
The price caps and Travelcards  valid till 4:30 am on the following day.

More information from  TFL fares page. Tourists can also buy a  Visitor Oyster card which provides discount prices.
(Central London Spider Map)
4 routes
6 routes
2 routes
5 routes
Over 30 routes from the spider diagram above

*From September, TfL will enable the 1 hour hopper fare scheme for London buses which will allow you to travel on any London bus for 1 hour in one fare.

This was just a short post as a follow up to my previous article from last year.

Lastly, it's worth mentioning that the AEC Routemaster is still in service on Route 15 where they operate from Trafalgar Square to Tower Hill. The timetable of the service can be viewed here.

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