Thursday, 14 July 2016

Update on routes 108, 135, 277, D3, D7 & D8

This is a follow up to my previous article about the Tower Hamlets consultation.

Below is an update from the TFL Consultations as they have released the reports for changes to routes 108, 135, 277, D3, D7 & D8.

13 July 2016
In February and March we consulted on proposals to make changes to routes 108, 135, 277, D3, D7 and D8. Thank you to all those who provided their views on our proposals.

We received 530 responses from members of the public and 11 responses from stakeholders.

Changes to our proposals
We’ve listened to the comments put to us through the consultation and have amended our proposals as a result;

·         We will divert route 135 along Spindrift Avenue to ensure links between the Health Centre and the east of the island are maintained. One of the key points raised during the consultation was the loss of links to Spindrift Avenue, by re-routeing the D3 to Leamouth. From Westferry Road buses on route 135 would go along Spindrift Avenue, East Ferry Road, Manchester Road, Marsh Wall, Limeharbour to Crossharbour Asda
·         We will keep the frequency of the D7 at it’s current level with buses running every 6-7 minutes during the day Monday to Saturday
·         Double deck buses will be introduced on route D8 providing additional capacity

The rest of the proposals will be introduced as consulted on over two different weekends;
·         Routes 135, 277 and D3 from 17 September
·         Routes 108 and D8 from 1 October 2016

It's worth noting that route 108 will be using Mercedes-Benz Citaros from the Red Arrow routes 507 and 521 which will commence after the Red Arrow routes are replaced with single deck electric buses.

Also, a short update from LOTS about the new London Bus tender award:

Wednesday 13 July

LBSL intends to enter into the following contract:
436 - re-awarded to London Central with 2011 hybrid double deck, PVR 21 (reduced from 31). Start date 19 November.
This is awarded as specified, subject to consultation, incorporating the restructure to terminate at Battersea Park instead of Paddington. A 22nd vehicle used in the PM peak is crosslinked from route 63.

Here you can read a brief history about route 436. The route commenced operation in 2003 with Mercedes-Benz Citaro Artics. They were then converted to double deck buses in 19th November 2011.

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  1. David Fielding
    OCTOBER 6, 2016 AT 12:17 AM
    Message to Tfl and FCARA

    The change of routes 108 and D8 has not proved a success
    Journey times have increased by up to 40 minutes and changes are hazardous and cumbersome, especially when travelling with luggage, children, prams buggies etc

    The approach to Stratford Westfield and Stratford international on the 108 is considerably slower than the route used by the D8 adding a further 15 minutes, or more, on to the journey time, and the outbound journey from Fawe Street to Canary Wharf, which used to take around 17 to 30 minutes on the D8, is now taking more than 40 to 50 minutes changing from the 108 to the D8 at All Saints.

    In terms of the sections of the routes described above this revision cannot be seen as an improvement. Mobility and access have been downgraded.

    1. Thank you for the comment, David

      It's always nice to recieve feedback from passengers letting others know of any difficulties or problems they are having with particular services or routes.

      Have you tried contacting a London Assembly member about your concerns?

      Hopefully somebody from the GLA, TFL or FCARA will read your comment and take note.



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