Thursday, 15 September 2016

Route 360 to have Electric buses

The very first Hybrid bus route will be replaced by battery electric single deck buses after over 10 years of hybrid service on route 360.

Route 360 runs from Royal Albert Hall to Elephant and Castle via Vauxhall Bridge.

Here’s the tender update reported by LOTS:

The following TfL contract has been awarded today:
360 re-awarded to London Central with new electric single deck, PVR 12. Start date 21 January 2017. From the start of the contract existing hybrid buses will be used with fully electric buses taking over during October 2017.

Well it’s going to be a very long wait, just as we waited for the rollout of battery electric buses entering service on Red Arrow routes 507 and 521.

In other news, the Greater London Authority Talk London has released the results of the Clean Air Consultation which proposes the extension of ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) to the North and South London circular roads.

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