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20 new ‘Wrightbus Streetlite’ buses for London’s Tower Transit

New look for 444

Tower Transit has purchased 20 new single deck Streetlite buses from Wrightbus for their contracted routes 236 and W4.

From Wrightbus

Tower Transit has taken delivery of 20 new Wrightbus StreetLite vehicles, which will be deployed in the capital throughout summer 2017.

This is Tower Transit’s second order for the single deck StreetLite, following 11 of the same specification that were previously delivered. The repeat purchasing decision has been made due to the impressive fuel savings that have been achieved by the first buses since they entered service in 2015.

Built to full TfL specification, all of the StreetLites are twin door and 10.8 metres in length. A total of 19 are being deployed on route 236, which runs from Finsbury Park Station through to Hackney Wick, and one on route W4, covering Dulwich to Duke’s Place. Each bus features a Daimler OM934 Euro 6 engine with Voith D824.6 gearbox including integrated retarder. Electronic power assisted steering, plus stop/start engine technology is also included.

Steve Jackson, Head of Sales for Wrightbus, said: “One of the main reasons Tower Transit originally opted for the StreetLite a few years ago was based upon the anticipated fuel savings and the fact they have ordered a further 20 based on the actual results they received shows that they were not disappointed."

“In addition, the aftersales support provided by our Customcare division was also an important consideration for Tower Transit and we are pleased that they have come to us again this time for their latest order to service these busy London routes.”

Satnam Cheema, Group Engineering Director for Tower Transit, said: “We’ve been very pleased with the levels of fuel efficiency and overall environmental performance of our existing fleet of StreetLites, which has prompted this new order. They also offer our passengers a safe, comfortable ride, which is consistent with the quality of Wrightbus vehicles we’ve had over the years.”

Other features on the buses include Smartblinds, a full 13 camera CCTV system, a powered ramp to the mid-door and a reversing camera.

Established in the UK in 2013, Tower Transit employs approximately 2,000 staff in the UK and operates more than 600 single and double deck buses in London and Cambridge. In Singapore, Tower Transit has about 1,000 staff and operates 26 bus routes.

Here’s a London Bus news update from LOTS:

1) At Arriva Harlow the twelve new E20D(MMC)s – 4076-87 – are now in process of delivery. . They are being branded for routes 508/509/510 (Harlow & Stansted) and should go into service shortly.

2) Next Saturday 24th June will see London United’s new E20D(MMC)s - DLE30049-69 – take over route 70 from Tower Transit. Some of Metroline’s new Volvo B5LHs – VWH 2266-84 – take over route 120 from London United. VWHs are due for route 7 to replace older VWHs which move to Holloway, and others (batch 2306+) have already started to replace VPs at Willesden.

I wrote in my previous article that route 70 will be getting electric buses which are expected to enter service from next year.

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