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Bus services in Limerick Town Centre, Ireland

In a previous article I said that I was preparing for a short holiday and promised that upon my return I would be writing a ‘first hand’ report on the bus services in Limerick, Ireland. I aplologise for the delay as I have been rather busy since then but finally, here is that report.

Limerick has a small number of bus routes linking to the Town Centre and their bus services are still regulated and operated by Bus Éireann which is owned by Transport for Ireland. It’s interesting to note how most of the bus services in Ireland are still owned and run by the government compared to Britain where the bus services have been privatised and deregulated.

Some of the bus routes in Limerick have a frequency of 30-60 minutes, depending on the route. One particular route has a frequency of '15 minutes' which makes it quite frequent compared to some of the routes in London provided by London Buses.

Below is a Spider map of the bus services operated by Bus Éireann.

Here you can see an updated spider diagram map of Limerick's local bus services, including services operated by Eurobus Limerick; the map is provided by Transport for Ireland.

Below is a quick list of routes serving the Limerick Town Centre.

Frequency (Weekday)
Regional Hospital - City Centre - Westbury
30 mins
Bus Éireann
Caherdavin - City Centre
20 mins
Bus Éireann
Pineview - City Centre - O'Malley Park
30 mins
Bus Éireann
UL - City Centre - Raheen
15 mins
Bus Éireann
St. Mary's Park - City Centre - Lynwood Park
60 mins
Bus Éireann
Brookfield - City Centre - Ballynanty
60 mins
Bus Éireann
City Centre - Cappavilla Village (University of Limerick)
60 mins
Eurobus Limerick
City Centre - Annacotty
60 mins
Eurobus Limerick

Eurobus Limerick is a private Public Transport service established back in 2004. It’s interesting how a privately owned company is able to operate two routes in the Limerick town area, hence the reason it has different local fares in comparison to the services operated by Bus Éireann. I also found out that you can use your Leap Card (smartcard) on the bus services operated by Bus Éireann in Limerick.

Here are the links for more bus information from Limerick Council (for Bus Éireann) and Eurobus Limerick.

I have also produced some video footage of the bus services in Limerick Town Centre for you to enjoy. 

It's worth noting that the green Mercedes-Benz Citaros featured in the video are leased from Dublin Coach which is used for the Eurobus Limerick services. At 03:43 on the video you can see the Mercedes-Benz Citaro Artic, which is a former First Centrewest 11012 (LK53FBF) which was used for London Bus services.

Overall, the rest of the Bus Eireann local buses use the Volvo B7RLE Wright Eclipse 1 and 2 built in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. The services operate from Roxboro Garage which is not far from Limerick Railway station. I should mention that Wrightbus also builds the New Routemaster for London Bus services.

As we are approaching the end of 2015, I will leave you with a bonus bus video from Limerick.

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