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Proposed changes for London Bus routes 167, 387, W11…

Here are the consultations from TFL on the proposals to change the London Bus routes.

Debden and Loughton in Essex are currently linked to North East London by TfL bus routes 20, 167, 397 and 549. Essex County Council provided funding towards the operation of routes 20 and 167, however this stopped in April.

Why we are consulting?
We have developed proposals to restructure route 167 in response to this loss of funding and would like to know your views.
 In summary:
·         Route 167 would no longer run between Loughton station and Debden station
·         A new route 677 would be introduced providing a limited stop service between Ilford and schools in Debden using double deck buses. This would operate on school days only
·         No changes are proposed to route 20

What are we proposing?

We are proposing that route 167 would no longer run between Loughton station and Debden station.
Buses would continue to run between Ilford and Loughton every 20 minutes Mondays to Saturdays and every 30 minutes all evenings and Sundays.

Consultation ends by Friday 22nd July 2016

Proposed bus service changes in the Tottenham Court Road area

In 2014, Camden Council carried out a public consultation on proposed road layout changes in the Tottenham Court Road and Gower Street areas as part of the West End Project.  Proposals included transforming Tottenham Court Road and Gower Street from one way roads into two-way roads and introducing bus-and-cycle-only operation in Tottenham Court Road on Monday to Saturday between 8am to 7pm.  A number of public space improvements were also put forward to enhance the area for visiting and retail activity.

The overarching aims of the proposals included:
·         Reducing the impact of fast moving traffic
·         Improved safety for pedestrians and cyclists
·         Reducing air pollution from vehicle traffic
·         Preparing the area for an increase in pedestrians expected with the opening of Crossrail at Tottenham Court Road station
·         Simplifying the bus network and improving access to and from the area
The overall response to this consultation was favourable and Camden Council anticipate starting construction on the scheme later this year (2016).  For more information on the West End Project and Camden Council’s 2014 consultation please see:

Consultation ends on Sunday 24th July 2016

Changes to routes EL1 and 387

Barking Riverside is changing significantly and will eventually see 10,900 new homes. Phase 1 of the development around Galleons Drive and Minter Road is nearing completion. Phase 2 of the development around Drovers Road will begin to open throughout 2017. Initially it will consist of a school campus and approximately 500 homes.

We are working closely with the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham and the Developer to provide bus services for these new developments.

Route EL1 is a 24-hour bus route which runs between Ilford Town Centre and Barking Reach every 6 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes and every 10 minutes in the evening and on Sundays. Buses run every 30 minutes throughout the night.

Route 387 runs between Little Heath (King George Hospital) and Barking Reach every 12 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes and every 20 minutes on Sundays and all evenings.

What are we proposing?

We are proposing the following change to route EL1:
·         Extend route EL1 from its current terminus near Mallards Road to a new terminus near Drovers Road in the Barking Riverside development. The routeing would use new roads currently being constructed. This would link Thames View Estate with the new school

We are proposing the following changes to change route 387 to route EL3:
·         Re-route 387 through Barking town centre along the more direct bus-only roads used by East London Transit routes, to improve journey times and reliability for passengers.
·         Re-route 387 at River Road in both directions to run via Thames Road, Creek Road, Long Reach Road and new roads within Barking Riverside to a new terminus near Drovers Road. This would allow it to serve the new school and housing. Buses would no longer serve the section of Thames Road between the junctions with Creek Road and Marine Drive.
·         Route 387 would be renamed EL3 making it part of the East London Transit network that uses roads with higher levels of bus priority.
·         The daytime frequency of the EL3 would increase to a bus every 10 minutes on Monday to Friday.

Consultation closes on 14th August 2016

A quick point: This will mean that 387 will change its route number to EL3 to make it part of the ‘East London Transit’ network. Recently route EL2 was diverted to run between Dagenham Dock station and Becontree Heath serving Barking Town Centre and Longbridge Road.

Proposed changes to route W11 in Walthamstow

Route W11 runs between Chingford Hall Estate and Walthamstow Central station with buses running during the day every 10 minutes on Monday to Saturdays and 15 minutes on Sundays. During the evenings it runs every 15 minutes Mondays to Saturdays and half hourly on Sundays.

Between 2012 and 2014 Palmerston Road railway bridge in Walthamstow was closed for maintenance work. As a result, route W11 was put on temporary diversion via Forest Road, Hoe Street and Selborne Road to Walthamstow Central. Route W15 was also temporarily diverted via Forest Road, Blackhorse Road and South Grove.

Once the works were completed both services returned to their previous routeing along Palmerston Road. Usage of the W15 increased while the diversion was in place and we received requests from bus passengers and stakeholders for this routeing to be made permanent.

Further, substantial housing development is scheduled to be built in the Blackhorse Road area. It is expected that 2,500 units will be built in total, along with other area amenities – including additional local retail and a primary school.

Following a number of requests from bus users and the noted increase in usage from the previous diversion we are proposing to re-route the W11 via Forest Road, Blackhorse Road, and South Grove. This would provide faster access to the Victoria Line and Overground services via Blackhorse Road station. It would also help provide additional capacity for new development.

Route W15 was considered for the diversion. However, this is a long route and runs through a number of busy town centres including Hackney and Leyton as well as Walthamstow. We would need extra buses in the schedule to operate the route reliably and we consider changing the W11 would be a better use of our resources.

Consultation closes on Monday 15th August 2016

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