Monday, 3 October 2016

Media names the wrong bus in the 2nd October 2016 bus fire near Liverpool Street station

On the morning of October 2nd 2016, an Alexander Dennis Enviro400H City (CT Plus 2510, SN16OHZ) on Route 26 suffered serious fire damage outside London’s Liverpool Street railway station.

I have saved various news articles into that mistake the Enviro400H City to be a 3 door 2 staircase New Routemaster.

Here is a list of articles which named the bus as a ‘Routemaster’ during the fire incident.

BBC News said it was a New Routemaster bus and shortly after that a Twitter user corrected the mistake and changed it to a ‘double-decker bus’. Then various newspaper outlets such as the Daily Mail, The Sun and The Mirror mistakenly called it a New Routemaster bus.

LBC said ‘It is unclear from the images whether it is a new routemaster, known commonly as a 'boris bus' or an Enviro 400, which is a hybrid bus.

The design of the Enviro400H City is based on the New Routemaster with features such as the glazed staircase. I’d already predicted that the Enviro400H City would confuse the media for being a New Routemaster bus which is what has happened.

Anyway, here’s an update with the Volvo B5LH SRM (two door New Routemaster).

I’ve found a photo of the second SRM (RATP-Dev VHR45208 LJ16EXK) which was recently captured at Heysham Docks. The gallery can be also seen here.

Lastly, an update from LOTS:

1) Saturday 1st October saw the double-decking of route D8, using Scania OmniCitys previously on the 64 as well as latterly on the 474.  Route 42 also went double-deck using MHVs from the batch that have been phased into service at Camberwell over the past week and also spread over routes 35/40/45/185. The 42 is also affected by the three-month closure of Tower Bridge by being terminated at the south side. The other two Tower Bridge routes 78 and RV1 are diverted via London Bridge. Several MEC-class Citaros from the 507/521 are now at H&D Eastleigh being upseated in preparation for allocation in due course to route 108.

2) Other recent new vehicle deliveries to London have included five E20Ds (8343-47) for a top-up on Abellio route P13; WHVs for London General, most of which are for Putney; and LTs for Arriva route 253 (batch LT 813-844)and London Central route 21 (batch LT845-874). These LTs, as well as some of the route 189 batch (LT789-811) remain in store awaiting fitment of Oyster Reader equipment after stocks of the latter ran out two months ago.

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