Sunday, 19 March 2017

Reports, publications and statistics on TfL website

On the Transport for London (TfL) website, you can view more information in relation to service performance and usage statistics etc.

First of all I’ll begin with the London Buses publications and reports.

One page titled ‘Buses’ has  documents for the bus usage data, service changes, bus service planning guidelines, countdown signs and interesting information on bus priority at traffic signals to keep services moving.

Another page shows the crime statistics on London Buses by London Borough.

The third page I looked at contains the bus fleet data which shows the number of buses per operator and it shows the number of buses by Body Type and Euro emission standards.

A page titled ‘contracts released under FOI’ show the documents released under the Freedom of Information act. This page also contains documents for the three-door, two-staircase hybrid bus called the New Routemaster.

For map related publications, there is the car line diagram and London connections map.

Also, TfL usually publishes the papers five days before each meeting, so you can view the relevant information like the costs and statistics for the TfL services.

The list is far too big for me to add to this article, but you can use the search function on the Publications and reports page on the TfL website here.

Also, not linked on the publications and reports page is the ‘Developing the rail network’ which is a proposal to extend the London Overground network to most of South London by taking over the existing rail franchises.

There’s also the Conditions of Carriage for the TfL services as well.

The ‘What Do They Know’ website also has Freedom of Information requests to TfL which are requested by users on the website.

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