Friday, 7 April 2017

Bus feedback trial launched for route 363 and Stratford Bus station

Recently, TfL added an article to their ‘News Articles’ section about London Buses providing feedback machines on buses serving route 363.

During the trial, bus passengers on the 363 bus - which runs from Crystal Palace to Elephant & Castle - will be asked to rate their journey by using a push button.

There will be one unit near the exit of every bus to gather 'in the moment' feedback from passengers.

It is hoped the trial will help TfL understand more about how customers feel about bus services and how this changes throughout the day.

Two touchscreen kiosks at Stratford bus station will also be used as part of the trial. The kiosks will provide an easy way for customers to provide feedback on aspects of the bus station, helping TfL identify areas for improvement.

Bus station controller Anthony Barker said: 'The survey machine will give us great insight to what improvements the customers want to see.

'It should also help to pin-point how the customer feels about the service at different times during the day. Any improvements with customer information will always be welcomed by the team.'

'We hope this trial will improve our understanding of how our customers' satisfaction varies throughout the day and week, help customers feel more engaged with our services, and help our staff feel more aware of and empowered to act quickly on local issues.'

The trial on route 363 will last for three months and the trial at Stratford bus station for six months.

Worth noting: route 363 is operated by Go Ahead London Central from Peckham (PM) garage and the bus type they use is the E40H/Enviro400H MMC double deck hybrid. A quick check on London Vehicle Finder shows us they also use other hybrids like the Volvo B5LH/EvoSeti.

It’s interesting how certain shops and businesses provide a similar scheme on rating their services.

I think deregulated bus companies around Britain should do the same, i.e. rate their services.

The PTE’s (Passenger Transport Executives) should follow TfL’s lead and help bus companies to set up the feedback schemes. Hopefully, once the Bus Services Bill passes it will enable local authorities to franchise bus networks and improve services.

Those feedback schemes should be encouraged and I do hope London Buses expand them to more London Bus routes.

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