Sunday, 7 May 2017

Stagecoach introduces new livery for their South Downs route 1 service

I have some more news regarding bus livery. This time Stagecoach South has upgraded their bus fleet to a nice ‘green livery’ for their South Downs route 1 service.

Stagecoach South have recently upgraded their bus fleet on the Route 1 which runs from the Sussex Coastal town of Worthing into the South Downs National Park via Pulborough, Storrington and Petworth to Midhurst.

The four E300 vehicles, which have free WiFi, e-leather seats and more space on board, feature a striking 'South Downs Connections' livery.

Tourist destinations along the route are illustrated on each vehicle.

Edward Hodgson, Managing Director for Stagecoach South said: “We are very excited to be launching our new look and enhanced vehicles on Route 1 which provides an essential service for both residents and the many visitors who use public transport to explore this beautiful area.

Tourism is vital to the economy of The South Downs National Park which offers some magnificent and breathtaking views. We have a great network of routes running across the Park and our popular routes 1 and 60 provide a superb link from the coast to Midhurst where further connections are available to other places of interest within the park.

This new livery resonates with the South Downs National Park and promotes the bus as the best way to experience the landscapes and attractions, and I am delighted that we have been able to further invest in our bus network serving the Park".

Andrew Lee, Director of Countryside Policy and Management, South Downs National Park Authority said “We are delighted that visitors to the National Park can sit back and enjoy the views while travelling on the new fleet of buses, and that Stagecoach have placed the South Downs National Park at the centre of their striking new branding for their routes in the National Park.”

Stagecoach is introducing the new look buses to the public across the area with roadshows in Worthing, Storrington, Pulborough, Petworth and Midhurst.

This is the map of the Stagecoach South route 1 service.

You can view the registration details of Stagecoach South route 1 here.

And now a short London Bus news update from LOTS:

1) The West End service reductions will now take place as already described. First up is on 17th June with the 73 cut back to Oxford Circus and the 390 diverted to Victoria. LTs saved from the 73 go to convert the 48. Changes to routes 8, 172 and 242 are also likely to occur on 17th June although the other changes don’t yet have any likely dates.

2) New deliveries to London in the past week include 3 x E20Ds to Abellio (8171-3) for the 464 from 20th May and 8 x E20Ds to London United for route 110. These are involved in a fleet number change. The plan was for them to be DE 20143-50 but they are now DLE 30041-48 after a decision to move the 10.9m E20Ds into the correct DLE 3**** series. There is still a handful of new Arriva HVs and Go-Ahead LTs delivered a while ago that are not yet in service. New VWHs for Metroline continue to arrive but none are yet in use.

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