Wednesday, 5 June 2019

London bus tender awards: New hybrids for route 212 and zero emission electric buses for route 444

TfL awards Go-Ahead London with new double deck hybrids and zero emission electric single deck buses for routes 212 and 444. Both of the bus routes serve Chingford Station.

Notification of Tender Results

31st May 2019

LBSL intends to enter into new contracts for the following routes with the operators listed below:

Route Current Operator New Operator PVR Vehicles
126 Metrobus Metrobus 11 2013 Euro V diesel single deck
212 Tower Transit London General 12 New Euro VI hybrid double deck
444 Tower Transit London General 11 New Electric single deck
657 London General London General 1 2010 Euro V diesel double deck

All Euro V vehicles will be upgraded to Euro VI emissions standards.

The above contracts will commence on the following dates:
  • 7th March 2020: Routes 212, 444 & 657
  • 21st March 2020: Route 126
London General and Metrobus are part of the Go-Ahead London group, they operate 24% of London Bus routes with a fleet of 1,882 buses.

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