Thursday, 24 September 2015

Video: The New Routemaster rear door

Just a quick article to show you the recent video I've taken of the Wrightbus New Routemaster's rear door usage.

We are now seeing new batches of New Routemaster buses with the new rear door design where the door opens outwards instead of inwards. The original plan of the New Routemaster project was to reinstate the rear platform with a conductor, just like the old AEC Routemaster had. But instead the majority of the routes served by New Routemasters are One Person Operation (OPO).

I have also captured some warning notices for the rear door to alert people of the inward opening door so that passengers won’t get caught by it.

Link to video

Ever since the New Routemaster (originally called New Bus for London) first entered in to service, back in 2012 on Route 38, we have seen loads of changes made throughout the rollout programme.  Recently we saw the installation of window openings at a cost of £2 million which should have been done a long while ago.

I think the successor to the New Routemaster is going to be the Alexander Dennis Enviro400H City.

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Image attribution
 "London United bus LT87 (LTZ 1087), 26 October 2013 (2)" by tony_duell - LT on first day of operation on route 9. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -,_26_October_2013_(2).jpg#/media/File:London_United_bus_LT87_(LTZ_1087),_26_October_2013_(2).jpg

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