Sunday, 26 February 2017

Optare MetroDecker EV comes to London Bus route 36

LOTS have published their usual weekend London Bus news and they’ve given us another update on the electric bus project for London.

From LOTS:

1) The all-electric Optare MetroDecker-EV is due to be trialled with Go-Ahead on route 36 during April.  New Cross Garage’s limited charging facilities are being upgraded to allow for this and the two Irizars (EI 1 and 2) to enable a more long-lasting overnight charging. Trustybus has a Citaro-K demonstrator (BT66 TZE) for the next two weeks, usually to be found on route 410 Harlow – Waltham Cross.

2) Route 48 was taken over from Stagecoach by Arriva London on 25th February, using the five LT surplus from the 38 as well as DWs off the 133 (BN) and 242 (CT).  The 242 is getting new HVs, as is Tottenham for the 259 (although presently used on the 243) while, to complete the circle, the 133 at Brixton is gradually getting the early HVs (batch 1-21) from Tottenham. DWs 277-289 had been refurbished for route 417 at Norwood but had been loaned to Brixton and Croydon; these may well get back to Norwood soon!

The Optare MetroDecker EV was launched last year (2016) at the Euro Bus Expo with route 36 on the blind to show the potential launch for the electric bus.

Hopefully, when April arrives we will see the new double deck electric bus on route 36.
London Bus route 36 serves New Cross Gate, Peckham, Vauxhall, Victoria, Marble Arch, Paddington and Queen’s Park.

Here is the map of route 36 taken from Traveline

The LOTS update has also shown us that route 48 now has a very small number of three-door two-staircase hybrid buses known as “New Routemasters” in service - you can check the buses on route 48 by using London Vehicle Finder.

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