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Update on Short New Routemaster

The NRM finally get to see the light of day on route 159
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London Bus Club have issued a news update on the Short New Routemaster project.

“We have some more information on the shortened New Routemaster we exclusively announced last week. It will carry the fleet number ST2001 and carry the registration LTZ2001. ST2001 is due to arrive in London in the coming week, but it is unlikely to be licensed before 1st January 2016.”

So a new era begins for the New Routemaster project as they change the fleet number and the registration. I'd also like to reiterate that the Short New Routemaster has a reduction of 8 seats in order to achieve a length of just 10.1 metres, which is roughly the same size as the conventional double deck bus operating in London.

Currently routes 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 24, 38, 55, 73, 88, 137, 148, 149, 159, 168, 390 & 453 operate with New Routemaster buses which makes 19 routes. The 20th route to convert to New Routemasters is route 91 which will start on 6th February 2016.

Recently we have seen the conversion of routes 159 and 168 to Wright New Routemaster buses with the Alexander Dennis Enviro 400H City rolling into service on route 78.

Update from LOTS:

·         A most successful running day was held on Wednesday 9th with at least 17 buses over part of route 159 in London.  Metroline also ran RML903 over the 139 on the same day.
·         Metroline’s new LTs (batch 641-663) started to enter service on Thursday 10th on route 168,  a little earlier than forecast in order to get enough vehicles into position for the company to take over route 307 (Barnet- Brimsdown) from Arriva on Saturday 12th.    The conversion of Arriva route 149 to LT has triggered another cascade by the move of several E400s from Tottenham to Norwood (mainly on routes 2 and 417) and VLAs from Norwood to Edmonton to release unmodified VLAs there.  Yet more LTs (Abellio’s batch LT 602-640) entered service on route 159 on the  night of the 11/12th,  allowing yet more cascades of redundant Arriva buses to pastures new.
·         Horrendous delays at Aldgate and at Elephant & Castle caused by road works, cycle works and removal of one-way systems, have resulted in hundreds of buses being routinely turned short.  At Aldgate, officially the 254 was cut back to Whitechapel and the 205 diverted. However, in practice, almost all 15s are being curtailed at Aldwych, 115s at Stepney Arbour Square, 78s from the south at Aldgate or Tower Bridge,  At The Elephant and the conversion of the roundabout to two-way, all seven approach roads have had traffic queuing way back all the past week, and many buses are being turned short of their termini at that location too. 
·         First Berkshire now has its four newest StreetLites (63313-16) at Slough, allowing withdrawal of the last Dart SLFs at that garage, the very last being DML41336 which had stayed in First London red  livery for all its lengthy stay at Slough. 
·         There are continuing deliveries and gradual entry into service of London General’s new buses,  WHV 81-104 (Merton route155 and certain 93 journeys) , WHV 105-110 (Sutton part of route 93), SE 268-273 (Sutton part of route 80) and SE 274-287 (Merton route 164) as well as  Arriva London E400H-Citys (HA 1-19 for route 78).    The next batches of new kit are due during late December and into January and include Stagecoach 13082-102 (Volvo B5LH/ E400MMC for Catford route 47) and Arriva Kent Thameside T301-T331 (E40D/Enviro400 for the 229 and 492) and ENR 1-7 (E20D/Enviro200 for route B13) for contracts beginning 23rd January. The AKT buses were to have been 6485-6515 and 1662-1668 but will now take London-style numbers to agree with a forthcoming merger of AKT and ATS TfL services into London control.

This was just a quick update as I like to keep the readers informed about the New Routemaster project.

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